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  • Moon to Launch Lunar VR Experience
  • Moon’s Lunar Land Sale Launches Soon
VR Experience in MOON
VR Experience in MOON

Moon to Launch Lunar VR Experience

In our youth, many of us fantasized about becoming astronauts and blasting off into space. In reality, space tourism is a rich man’s game. This year Moon Metaverse will change this by launching its first VR lunar tourism experience!

Last year we all watched on in awe as some of the world's richest men launched into space powered by their very own spacecraft. Richard Branson was the first to do so in a Virgin Galactic space plane, followed a week or so later by Jeff Bezos in his Blue Origin booster rocket.

Whilst Elon Musk is yet to make it to space himself, his company has been doing some exceptional work. In 2021, SpaceX launched a record 31 times and Musk has claimed that he plans to launch a manned mission around the Moon in 2023.

Space tourism is still in its very early stages, so if you can’t wait to get up there yourself, Moon Metaverse has you covered. Our VR experience will be the most immersive way of experiencing life on the Moon, short of being there yourself.

Players can look forward to breathtaking lunar landscapes and stunning views of our ‘Blue Marble’. You might even get a sense of weightlessness! Gain a new perspective of life on Earth, all from the comfort of your home.

Our future selves might be catching commercial flights into space, or vacationing on the Moon, but before that’s possible we’ll need to wait for it to become safer, and a lot more affordable!

Moon’s Lunar Land Sale Launches Soon

The Moon Metaverse lunar land sale is almost ready for take-off!

Moon’s lunar NFT Hexs are going to be a fantastic investment, opening up seemingly limitless possibilities for their owners. If you’re already following our announcements, you’re going to be early — always a good thing in the crypto space!

Moon surface
Moon surface

Each Hex grants its owner the opportunity to participate in Moon’s player-driven economy. They can be bought, sold, rented, and developed as players wish by using Moon’s native token. Moon tokens can be earned from a range of in-game activities and can be held for long-term appreciation, sold on crypto exchanges, or simply fed back into the game to continue Hex development.

Always keep in mind that the best way to make the most of Moon’s Play-to-Earn features is by getting stuck into the game! A smart, strategic gameplan and the ability to make decisions with precision are key to making a promising start to life on the Moon. Time spent on the lunar surface will be a dynamic, social experience, and provide the perfect opportunity for mankind to begin building their first off-planet colony.

Today, we can finally bring you more details on the kind of resources you can expect to find on Moon’s Hexs, and even hint at their rarity.

Iron is found on all HEXs. Regardless of location, this essential resource will be easy to find and extract.

Regolith, which we have detailed before, is another important resource frequently used for construction. It’s not quite as common as iron but is easier to locate than other resources like helium3 and thorium.

Finally, those after the rarest of resources will want mystery and crystal. We’re not ready to share their utility yet, but you can be sure that they will be highly sought after! Keep an eye out for them when it’s time to buy your first piece of land.

Our development team is working hard to bring Moon’s astronomical globe to you as soon as possible. It won’t be long until you’re searching the map and discovering locations like the Montes Apenninus and Oceanus Procellarum, both names that might be unfamiliar to you now, but will become some of the metaverse’s most famous landmarks.