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  • Your Choices Impact an Ever-Evolving Metaverse
  • Play-To-Earn With NFT Lunar Land
  • Join an Expanding Multiverse

Your Choices Impact an Ever-Evolving Metaverse

In order to develop lunar communities, players will need to form clans. A player’s success on Moon is not only based on individual achievement. Use of the clan system is essential in helping to forge alliances as players work together to navigate conflicts, complete quests, and search undiscovered regions. Past actions have an impact on each player’s reputation. This can mean that a player can be well respected by some, but the sworn enemy of others! In some situations, players will need to pick sides or risk trying to remain neutral in order to keep the peace.

Play-To-Earn With NFT Lunar Land

Players can increase the value of their NFT land by developing territory that is viable as an economic, political, and militaristic ‘Moon country’. Through strategic gameplay and smart decision making, a player’s HEX could become home to businesses and players who are working and paying taxes as part of larger ‘Moon countries’. This will passively generate our in-game token for the players controlling the land.

All of Moon’s NFTs are Binance-compatible meaning players can buy, sell, and trade with those inside and outside the Moon ecosystem by using decentralized NFT marketplaces.

Join an Expanding Multiverse

In addition to being a player-driven Metaverse, Moon forms one part of an evolving Multiverse! Moon’s links to Ertha set it apart from its peers and impact gameplay in several ways. For Moon dwellers who are looking to increase their earnings, they can try to capitalize on the lunar surface’s unique resources by producing goods that are highly sought after on Ertha. Players can build trade routes, sell in-demand goods to Erthians, and enjoy interplanetary space travel!