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  • Erthapad - Your Gateway to Exclusive IGOs, Adding Utility to $2MOON
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Erthapad - Your Gateway to Exclusive IGOs, Adding Utility to $2MOON

In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 and blockchain technology, gaming has transcended its traditional boundaries to become a realm where players not only seek entertainment but also tangible rewards. At the forefront of this revolution stands Erthapad, our groundbreaking launchpad, poised to redefine the gaming experience through Initial Game Offerings (IGOs).

At the heart of Erthapad lies the $2MOON token – currency that serves as the cornerstone of the Solar Multiverse, bridging the worlds of Ertha, Spellfire, and MOON. Originally conceived as an in-game currency for MOON, $2MOON now takes on a dual role as a vital component of Erthapad, unlocking a myriad of opportunities for savvy investors and avid gamers alike.

How to Participate?

Erthapad isn't just another launchpad – it's a gateway to exclusive opportunities for early adopters and forward-thinking adventurers. By staking their $2MOON tokens, participants gain access to a tiered system that offers varying levels of IGO allocation, providing a golden ticket to acquire tokens of upcoming IGOs before they hit the exchanges. 

Tier System / Image by Erthapad Team
Tier System / Image by Erthapad Team

The Tiers

Tier 1–300k $2MOON (Pool Weight — 1)

Tier 2–1.25M $2MOON (Pool Weight — 2)

Tier 3–3M $2MOON (Pool Weight — 6)

Tier 4–6.25M $2MOON (Pool Weight — 20)

Tier 5–10M $2MOON (Pool Weight — 30)

Tier 6–20M $2MOON (Pool Weight — 70)

Tier 7–50M $2MOON (Pool Weight — 200)

Staking Rewards / Image by Erthapad Team
Staking Rewards / Image by Erthapad Team


When staking your $2MOON tokens, you get a staking reward with an APR based on the time that you are staking, e.g.

30 days — 1% APR

90 days — 3% APR

180 days — 7% APR

270 days — 11% APR

For Tier 1 (300k $2MOON tokens)
300k $2MOON staked for 270 days (11% APR), results in 324,411 $2MOON tokens (principal + reward)

For Tier 7 (50M $2MOON tokens)
50M $2MOON staked for 270 days = 11% APR i.e. 54,068,493 $2MOON tokens post stake (principal + reward)

LP Staking to get into tiers for Free

You can also opt to LP-stake your $2MOON-USDT pair to farm more $2MOON token. You will earn up to APR 100% (!) which you can harvest at anytime and then stake to get into the tiers.

Weight Explained

All tiers have a guaranteed allocation, however the allocation largely depends on your pool weight. The more pool weight you have, the larger your allocation. The pool weight is shown in the section entitles “the tiers”.

Since even Tier 1 is guaranteed an allocation, it ensures the Ertha Launchpad is fair and accessible for all participants.

IGO Participation Guide / Image by Erthapad Team
IGO Participation Guide / Image by Erthapad Team

IGO Day Explained

On the day of the IGO, participants do the following:

1- Head to the IGO Launchpad page: https://erthapad.com/projects

2- Connect your wallet.

3- Choose the IGO pool of the project you want to participate in.

4- Click on the ‘’Approve’’ button, and then the “Buy Token” button.

(*Make sure to enter the exact amount you want to buy when approving the transaction, if you enter a smaller amount by mistake, the transaction will fail).

5- Specify the amount of your swap according to your max allocation, and confirm your swap.

6. You have completed your IGO purchase.

7- The tokens will be available to you at the moment of token listing either by airdrop or you can claim via the claiming portal:

Congratulations — you’ve successfully completed the process!