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  • Erthapad and Moon
  • $2MOON Utility When Participating in IGOs
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Future of Decentralization / Image by Ertha Team
Future of Decentralization / Image by Ertha Team

Erthapad and Moon

As we soar through the galaxies of Web3, 2024/5 emerges as a pivotal time for blockchain innovation. Erthapad, our partner incubator, has launched to propel startups toward universal adoption. More about Erthapad here.

At the cosmic core of Erthapad lie two celestial tokens: $2MOON and $ERTHA. Unlike other launchpads, we embrace existing tokens for several reasons:

  1. Community Synergy: Both tokens unite vibrant Web3 galaxies, fostering camaraderie.
  2. Venture Catalyst: Attracting venture starships invested in these tokens amplifies cosmic deal-flow.
  3. Surging Supernovas: Prepare for cosmic surprises as we unveil thrilling new token utilities.

$2MOON Utility When Participating in IGOs

By holding and staking $2MOON into Erthapad you will get access to allocation on new project tokens before they get listed on an exchange. The amount of tokens you hold increases the amount of allocation you get. Adding liquidity to the DEX using this token provides massive rewards in APR.


The $ERTHA community is already large with a huge number of token holders. Erthapad will be opening pools that allow you to stake $ERTHA which will farm free tokens from other projects which we plan to launch. This rewards Ertha community, but also supports the projects by increasing their token holders. Increasing token holders is a key metric in the success of projects and we’re happy to provide this solution to help new projects grow.

You can buy $2MOON from MEXC exchange, and $ERTHA from a dex and cex. We look forward to seeing you on Erthpad!