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  • Erthapad x MetaxSeed Collaboration
  • Round Details
  • Highlights About MetaXseed
  • MetaXseed Token Utility
  • Key Dates for Participation
  • Stake $2MOON on Erthapad to Participate
Erthapad x MetaxSeed
Erthapad x MetaxSeed, Added Utility to $2MOON / Image by Erthapad Team

Erthapad x MetaxSeed Collaboration

Prepare for an interstellar odyssey as Erthapad joins forces with MetaXseed, igniting a thrilling era of gaming exploration and innovation. Together, we unveil the keys to a universe of possibilities for Moon enthusiasts. Delve into the MetaXseed Initial Game Offering (IGO) and embark on an exhilarating adventure like never before, with the help of $2MOON!

Round Details

  • $XSEED priced at $0.0005
  • Vesting: 7% TGE, 1 month cliff, 8 months vesting
  • Initial Market Cap: $371,000

Highlights About MetaXseed

MetaXseed brings a plethora of thrilling gaming experiences to the table, with over 30 games in development for both mobile and PC platforms. Managed by Ava Labs, the creators of Avalanche, MetaXseed offers players the unique opportunity to use the same digital assets across multiple games and be rewarded daily for their activities. With a Web 2.5 infrastructure, MetaXseed provides access to over 3 billion players in Google Play and Apple iOS stores. Plus, with incubation by Seedify and 60% of ad revenue shared with players, MetaXseed aims to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.

MetaXseed Token Utility

The $XSEED token serves a multitude of purposes within the MetaXseed ecosystem, including:

  • Purchase currency for in-game advertisement injection
  • Currency for ecosystem NFTs and node licenses
  • DAO governance
  • Token utility within MetaXseed's library of games
  • Additional Game-Fi yield via staking, farming, and lending
  • Gas fees for layer 1 blockchain
  • Purchase currency for ecosystem merchandise

Key Dates for Participation

  • Registration: March 19th | 3 PM UTC
  • Snapshot: March 25th | 3 PM UTC
  • Guaranteed Round: March 26th | 3 PM UTC
  • FCFS Round: March 27th | 3 PM UTC

Stake $2MOON on Erthapad to Participate

Participate in the IGO by staking $2MOON tokens on Erthapad, granting access to exclusive IGO benefits and maximizing your cosmic rewards. Don't miss this opportunity to shape the future of gaming alongside Erthapad and MetaXseed.