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  • Erthapad x Kvants Collaboration
  • Round Details
  • Highlights About Kvants
  • $KVAI Token Utility
  • The Team Behind Kvants
  • Key Dates for Participation
  • Stake $2MOON on Erthapad to Join
Kvants IGO Live on Erthapad
Kvants IGO Live on Erthapad / Photo by Erthapad Team

Erthapad x Kvants Collaboration

Prepare for an exhilarating journey as Erthapad teams up with Kvants, catapulting the gaming universe into a new dimension of excitement and possibility. Here's your guide to navigating this thrilling collaboration with $2MOON token and seizing the boundless opportunities of the upcoming IGO.

Round Details

  • Price: $0.013
  • Vesting: 8% TGE, 1 month cliff, 7 months linear vesting
  • Round: Strategic

Highlights About Kvants

Discover the democratized future of investment with Kvants Plus+ Platform, where access to top-notch quantitative strategies, typically reserved for institutional players, is now at your fingertips. With an impressive $3.6 million in assets under management and a projected $1.2 million for 2024, backed by 16 onboarded quant strategists, they've got the expertise to elevate your portfolio. What's more, they've crossed all the regulatory T's and dotted the legal I's, ensuring a secure and compliant investment environment. But here's where it gets exciting: you retain full custody of your assets while diving into AI-driven quantitative trading strategies. How? Through seamless channels like CEX API Connectivity, DeFi Quant Pools, and Omni-chain Vaults, empowering you to shape your financial future with confidence and control. Welcome to a new era of investing.

$KVAI Token Utility

Used to Buy back, burn, redistribute profits and access the platforms funds. Also the Primary utility token of the Kvants Plus+ Platform where users need to stake their tokens with a KYC NFT to be able to invest via the platform.

  • Decentralised Governance
  • Staking rewards and yield Farming
  • Exclusive access to tiers

The Team Behind Kvants

The Team behind Kvants merges experience from Quantitative Finance, Venture Capital and Marketing.

  • Daniel G., CIO & Co-founder: Citigroup and JPMorgan Quant Trader, PhD in Physics, Managed a $1.4 billion global quantitative strategy.
  • Michal H., CEO & Co-founder: Venture Capitalist and contributor to behavioural finance research in cryptocurrency trading.
  • Heather H., COO & Head of Compliance: Ernst & Young & KPMG
  • Dev B., CMO: Marketing at OKX
  • Yin J. (尹江), CTO: Former Tencent

Key Dates for Participation

  • Registration: March 19th | 3 PM UTC
  • Snapshot: March 25th | 3 PM UTC
  • Guaranteed Round: March 26th | 3 PM UTC
  • FCFS Round: March 27th | 3 PM UTC

Stake $2MOON on Erthapad to Join

Participate in the IGO by staking $2MOON tokens on Erthapad, granting access to exclusive IGO benefits and maximizing your cosmic rewards. Don't miss this opportunity to shape the future of gaming alongside Erthapad and Kvants.