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  • Erthapad x MetaDOS Collaboration
  • Round Details
  • Highlights About MetaDOS
  • MetaDOS Token Utility
  • Key Dates for Participation
  • Stake $2MOON on Erthapad to Join
Erthapad x MetaDOS
Erthapad x MetaDOS, Added Utility to $2MOON / Image by Erthapad Team

Erthapad x MetaDOS Collaboration

Prepare for an exhilarating journey as Erthapad teams up with MetaDOS, catapulting the gaming universe into a new dimension of excitement and possibility. Here's your guide to navigating this thrilling collaboration with $2MOON token and seizing the boundless opportunities of the upcoming IGO.

Round Details

  • $SECOND Priced at $0.0008
  • Vesting: 5% TGE, 2 months cliff, 10 months vesting
  • Round: Private

Highlights About MetaDOS

MetaDOS is set to transform Esports in the Web3 realm with its groundbreaking Free-to-Play-to-Own Battle Royale game, integrating blockchain technology for both traditional and blockchain gamers. Players can engage in squad-based battles on a vast 16 km2 island, acquiring Time through looting and striving to emerge as the sole survivors. MetaDOS invites players to experience a rich gaming experience with Quests, Battle Passes, Clans, Tournaments, and NFT customisation options. Moreover, MetaDOS boasts notable investors such as Ava Labs, Seedify, MM Labs, and others.

MetaDOS Token Utility

  • Earning: Users can earn $SECOND tokens from various in-game activities such as leaderboard rankings, clan wars, battle passes, Esports tournaments, and custom tournaments.
  • Spending: $SECOND tokens can be spent to unlock characters, purchase cosmetic NFTs, participate in gacha, forge items (to mint in-game collectibles into NFTs), or join custom tournaments hosted by players.

Key Dates for Participation

  • Registration: March 22nd | 3 PM UTC
  • Snapshot: March 27th | 3 PM UTC
  • Guaranteed Round: March 28th | 3 PM UTC
  • FCFS Round: March 29th | 3 PM UTC

Stake $2MOON on Erthapad to Join

Participate in the IGO by staking $2MOON tokens on Erthapad, granting access to exclusive IGO benefits and maximizing your cosmic rewards. Don't miss this opportunity to shape the future of gaming alongside Erthapad and MetaDOS.