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  • Erthapad x Gull Network Collaboration
  • Round Details
  • Highlights About Gull Network
  • $GULL Token Utility
  • Key Dates for Participation
  • Stake $2MOON on Erthapad to Join
Erthapad x Gull Network
Erthapad x Gull Network / Image by Erthapad team

Erthapad x Gull Network Collaboration

Get ready for an epic ride as Erthapad joins forces with Gull Network, taking gaming to a whole new level of awesomeness! Here's your insider's guide to diving into this exciting partnership with the $2MOON token and grabbing all the incredible opportunities waiting for you in the upcoming IGO.

Round Details

  • $GULL Price: $0.02
  • Vesting: 15% TGE, 3 months cliff, 6 months vesting
  • Round: Private

Highlights About Gull Network

Gull Network stands out with its impressive backing from GD10, MorningStar Ventures, Maven Capital, Box Mining, x21, and Banter Capital, highlighting its strong foundation in the industry. Offering cross-chain interoperability, it seamlessly integrates different blockchain networks, ensuring smooth connectivity and accessibility. The platform introduces an innovative DEX tailored specifically for token launches, simplifying the process for projects to introduce their tokens to the market. With its intuitive interface, Gull Network streamlines token launching and management, making it as user-friendly as engaging with any traditional application.

$GULL Token Utility

  • $GULL token is at the center of governance for GullNetwork Blockchain. Stake $GULL to earn validators veGULL
  • Guaranteed 0.5% airdrop from each project launching on GullNetwork
  • Significant portion of farming deposit fees as rewards
  • Additional token benefits from project teams boost validator earnings

Key Dates for Participation

  • Registration: TBC
  • Snapshot: TBC
  • Guaranteed Round: TBC
  • FCFS Round: TBC

Stake $2MOON on Erthapad to Join

Participate in the IGO by staking $2MOON tokens on Erthapad, granting access to exclusive IGO benefits and maximizing your cosmic rewards. Don't miss this opportunity to shape the future of gaming alongside Erthapad and Gull Network.